Lola Universe explained: my real name is Laura, but Lola has always been my nickname. Universe – literally meaning “all turned into one” – stands for my belief in oneness.

All my life I have loved to draw and create. I studied Art History to learn more about the arts and got my Master’s degree in 2015. After three years of working in the fields of art and design, I decided to quit my job and dedicate myself to what I love doing most: drawing.

My style is colorful and figurative. I love to portray strong female figures, full of confidence and self-love. Creating these images is my way of questioning female beauty standards, and an encouragement to celebrate girlpower in all shapes, colours and forms.

Brick Lane Gallery (London): “Lola’s illustrations are hand-drawn collages. Her works are full of femininity and power. The portrayed women hold confronting gazes whilst adorned in large jewels and bold headdresses. Lola’s works are a direct response to the modern-day woman, no longer do women have to acquire masculine traits in order to be seen as powerful or strong. Women of 2019 can embrace their innate femininity.”

Besides making my own work I also take on commissions. Are you interested to collaborate? I would love to hear from you!

Picture credits: Michelle Carolina Levie. Homepage: Chevalier Studio. 

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